CO2 Reduction strategies

Consider now establishing a corporate policy and strategy in order to achieve this goal. You will have everything to gain here.

It is up to each company to establish its own strategy for reducing CO2 emissions. At GoCarCanada, we encourage and support managers whose objective is the development and use of alternative energy vehicles (electric, hybrid, natural gas or biofuel vehicles), which will have a lower impact on the environment, and will ensure that older vehicles will not harm the environment. Since alternative energy vehicles will be an integral part of your fleet for the foreseeable future, why not plan your transition strategy now?

Reducing greenhouse emissions is everyone's business!

Electric vehicles

Whether it is to replace a luxury vehicle for one of your managers, a representative's vehicle on the road or a work vehicle, electric cars are offered in all sizes (from subcompacts to SUVs to vehicles of luxury).

Electric vans, light delivery vehicles and semi-trailers are in design and will be available soon.


An electric vehicle saves on several levels. On average, well over $ 2,000 annually in gasoline costs can be saved, not to mention reduced maintenance costs (no transmission, no clutch, no oil or coolant change, no muffler or exhaust pipe), as well as warranties generally longer than on a gasoline vehicle (about 8 years / 160,000km). In addition, current government subsidies provide good leverage for entrepreneurs to start their electrical transition.


Overall, the majority of electric models on the market offer better comfort and more amenities than their gasoline counterparts. In addition, electric motors therefore accelerate faster than internal combustion vehicles and emit almost no noise, for the great comfort of your employees.

Charging stations

Whether or not your company currently has an electric vehicle, you can offer your employees the possibility of recharging their car at work thanks to the Branché au travail subsidy program, set up by the Government of Quebec. This service must be offered for at least three years, and employees must have free access to electricity.

electric vehicles

Would you like more information on the electric vehicles currently available and also on those expected to arrive soon? 
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