Ease your operations and research. No matter the brand, we have access to all makes of vehicles.


Increase returns and your investment by making the right decision about your vehicle inventory turnover.


Benefit from years of expertise managing fleet for the decision-making to acquire and manage the right rolling mobility for you.


Comparable analysis and management reports available.

Current fleet performance reports and recommendations.

Tailored solutions

For us, the solution that “best meets” your needs consists of vehicle data and tailor-made consulting services.

We start by understanding the nature of your activities, then outline your businesses objectives, your resources and budget parameters. When we recommend a vehicle, it could as well be a Ford F-150 made for tough field jobs or maybe a vice president's or owner's Porsche. Our recommendations are based on a set of factors that paint out your business portrait, that defines you. 

We suggest, you decide, and we take care of the rest.

We quickly discuss various aspects of the transaction for you with the suppliers. For example, we explore prices & incentives available, accurate ETA or the equipment to add as needed, the promotional marketing to affix your company to the vehicle if necessary and then finally we formulate you a recommendation as well as a comprehensive and thoughtful quote. We can also recommend factory customization versus workshop specialist's, depending on the unique circumstances of your needs. But, whatever solution is recommended, we will coordinate all stages of the acquisition with a turnkey service to you.


Whether you already own or are starting to build a fleet of vehicles for your business, it is important to plan your acquisitions well. One way to do this is by using TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

The TCO is a calculation that adds up all the expenses related to these vehicles and there are a lot of them. When we buy a vehicle, we not only pay the cash price or rent but an accumulation of ancillary expenses that must be taken into account to better manage the cash flow of your business. It is with the help of our specific analyzes that you will have the chance to guide your unit replacement decisions over time, kms and market. We will recommend a transaction structure that meets your specific requirements and needs for using each type of unit. Your final decision can then be based on the projected life cycle costs of the different models depending on your specific business use. We therefore allow you to see clearly and make strategic decisions on vehicle choice as well as budget approach.

VEHICLES disposal

In order to control your life cycle costs, it is imperative to resell your vehicles at the right price and above all at the right time!

Our market experience and our network of many different sales channels allow us to find the most effective sales strategy in today's market according to your precise operating parameters  and thus incorporate this into our TCO structure proposal for you.

For us, the solution that “best meets” your needs is made up of vehicle data and tailor-made consulting services!

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